Timothy J. McGarry

Timothy “T.J.” McGarry is a law clerk who has been with the firm since August of 2019. T.J. graduated from the Ohio State University in 2015 with a degree in Journalism and a minor in business. T.J. graduated from the George Washington University Law School in 2019. During Law School, T.J. worked for the United States Agency for Global Media where he worked on labor arbitrations and employment cases. T.J. also clerked for a D.C. based law firm where worked on employment discrimination cases at the World Bank. In his final semester of Law School, T.J. litigated both unpaid wages and unemployment benefits cases as part of the George Washington Law School’s Public Justice Advocacy Clinic. T.J. has taken the D.C. bar and his admission is pending.

While off work, T.J. enjoys both playing and watching sports, especially basketball. He also enjoys trivia competitions, crossword puzzles, and reading science fiction novels.

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