Just as important as testimonials, ask for our references from a broad array of clients.  However, the following are a few of the public testimonials that we have been proud to receive from satisfied clients.:

"Army of One"

5 out of 5 stars

Posted by Troy, as seen on www.avvo.com
June 12, 2012

“Mr. Hoffman is definitely the best of the best. He is the "Seal Team Six" in his field. He is respected and feared among his colleagues due to his vast knowledge and experience. He helped me through every challenge of my case to a supreme victory. Last month a federal jury awarded me 1.1 mil -- thank you, Mr. Hoffman.”


5 out of 5 stars

Posted by Matt , as seen on www.avvo.com
May 22, 2012

“Mr. Hoffman assisted me in a wrongful termination case involving local government. There were some very special circumstances involved in my case which required a lot of investigation. Mr. Hoffman was very knowledgeable in the employment law field and really dug in to my case. Mr. Hoffman’s investigation showed that I was truly victimized, at which time the gloves came off. It was obvious that he truly felt badly about my situation, on a personal level, and really fought for me. I still get emotional when I think about what was taken from me and how special of a man Mr. Hoffman really is for getting me back a very important part of my life. He went after the “big boys” in local government, which isn't always very easy to do, and won. I cannot say enough good things about Howard Hoffman, not only as an attorney, but as a human being. I am back to doing what I really love, thanks to him!

Mr. Hoffman has also assisted my company with a few employee related and financial issues. And of course, did a fantastic job. Again, digging right in and getting done what had to be done.

I will also say that Mr. Hoffman sets his standards high and is a man of integrity. And that alone, unfortunately, is not an easy attribute to find in a lot of people out there anymore.”

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