Employee Unpaid Wage Claims


Hoffman Employment Law, LLC has extensive experience in prosecuting unpaid wage claims.  Contact our office to get paid the wages you have already earned!  You may be entitled to thousands of dollars and not even know it.

Has an employer wrongfully denied you wages/bonuses/commissions?

Employer wrongfully denied you overtime?


  • Commissioned Employees Are Not Entitled to Overtime (WRONG!)
  • Being Paid A Salary Automatically Exempts An Employee From Overtime (WRONG!)
  • Signing An Independent Contractor Agreement Makes You Ineligible For Overtime (WRONG!)
  • Working For Tips Makes You Ineligible for Overtime (WRONG!)
  • Being Paid On A “Piece-Rate” Basis Exempts An Employee From Overtime (WRONG!)
  • Bonuses/Commissions Are Not Included In Calculating Overtime Rates (WRONG!)

There are many ways that employers can violate the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)!

Employees can be owed thousands of dollars and not even know it!

If you have been a victim of an FLSA violation, you may be entitled to DOUBLE DAMAGES plus attorneys' fees!

We do not charge any fee or cost to our employee clients when collecting unpaid wages.  Your legal fees and costs should be paid by your employer as part of any settlement or judgment.  Do not let another lawyer steer you wrong and take a percentage of your recovery.

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