Wrongful Termination

Whether a termination is a “wrongful termination” depends on the facts of each case, not an employee’s subjective opinion of whether the termination was unfair or unwise.  Typical wrongful termination cases involve instances where the employer fires an employee for asserting a legal right, refusing to perform illegal acts, or engaging in legally protected conduct. 

Oftentimes, an individual may be very upset with a setback during the course of a career. Many good and hard working employees are treated unfairly and arbitrarily.  But a career problem that may appear insurmountable today may nevertheless not be as damaging as feared, and still lead to better long-term opportunities.  Some career setbacks, however, may be severe and provide reason to pursue all legal options.

Hoffman Employment Law, LLC provides objective legal advice that is tempered and balanced with the short and long term career goals of the individual.

If you believe that your termination violated the law, because the employer retaliated against you for exercising a specific legal right, or the law protected you from termination, please contact us for an initial consultation. 

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