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Hoffman Employment Law, LLC provides complete legal representation involving all human resource issues impacting small, medium, or large corporate employers.  We are well known for our practical and cost effective representation of employers facing wage payment claims.  According to a recent government report, over the last two decades there has been a 500% increase in unpaid wage (minimum wages and overtime) lawsuits.  Hoffman Employment Law, LLC has years of experience in successfully defending employers in such cases.  Without capable and experienced counsel, employers facing unpaid wage lawsuits face a difficult and expensive fight.  Hoffman Employment Law, LLC provides competent and skilled defense of these claims.  References from other business owners are available upon request. 

As accomplished and experienced attorneys, Hoffman Employment Law, LLC provides employers with representation in such areas as:

  • Legal representation before courts, government agencies and unemployment insurance hearings;
  • Drafting employment contracts, non-competition agreements, trade secret agreements, severance agreements, employment handbooks, and more;
  • Payroll and wage/hour (overtime) advice, including defense of wage-related claims and suits (including FLSA Collective Actions);
  • Employment law training for managers and/or employees;
  • Investigations (including sexual harassment complaints);
  • Firing, discipline, and medical leave questions;
  • Employment immigration questions, from employment eligibility to employment visa sponsorship;
  • Assistance with employment law compliance;
  • Mediation/Arbitration.

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"Mr. Hoffman is definitely the best of the best. He is the "Seal Team Six" in his field. He is respected and feared among his colleagues due to his vast knowledge and experience."

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